Domestic Goddessitus or Distraction…

And some demolition thrown in for good measure.

I had intended to spend yesterday working but the main job was to come up with a plan/strategy for something.  In the same way as when the boys struggle with something it is best to put it on one side and give them time to digest it and come back later I tend to find physically doing something else that requires little brain work while I think on an issue is often the best way to a solution.  Or it could have been the sunshine triggered a cleaning burst and I opted for the easier job.

Anyway Friday was spent predominantly on housework and baking.  Lemon cake was me, chocolate muffins were Sam.


Sam is going through a spell where anything that doesn’t work has to be take apart to look inside.  He spent a large part of the afternoon on trying to open up an Xbox controller.  Screwdriver didn’t work so there was throwing on the ground and smashing with a hammer involved.   Kept him happy 😀

20160402_29 20160402_32 20160402_30

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