Fog, friends and invasions by the French

Tuesday dawned very,very foggy.  This was the view from the top of the ferry.


I was leaving it to fate to decide whether we made it to Code Club.  Having scanned the activity, I knew we were still well within Sam’s comfort zone and I’m struggling to maintain enthusiasm for the early start/cost of going. He loves it though, shown by the fact he set his alarm clock and made sure he was up and ready despite the sleep issues.  He loves the social side of it and he is good at setting his own challenges.  He spent most of the session making new levels and trying to get the transition between them smooth.  I persuaded him to go and help one of the younger children too for a while.  I was feeling guilty for not doing it myself but was having what I though was an eye infection issue (turns out it was probably hayfever as I bought some very expensive eye spray in desperation and it worked like magic!) and was struggling with blueghness and iffy vision.

I think if I shift it in my head to a social activity and forget the coding side it will help me justify the expense.  Particularly as it is regular contact with a couple of people we only really see if we go to Portsmouth and whom he really enjoys seeing (and me their mums) so if we are going over nice that it is for something he loves.

I’m thinking we will make staying for the adventure playground the exception rather than the rule though, we both enjoy it to some extent but are rarely in a good mood when we leave.  Can’t put my finger on why. The only sessions Sam has ever been in a good mood after are the ones which have been virtually empty and he’s been able to enjoy playing with a particular friend.  He seems unsettled by the larger group dynamics and I find the petty squabbles that seem to go on tiring – totally minor, ordinary kids stuff just seems non stop niggling.  So I think we’ll head in to town or perhaps stop in Victoria Park for lunch most weeks, leaving Adventure Playground for the odd time we’ve got a particularly quiet week or we’re both in the right mood.
Return view on the ferry was a lot clearer.

20160413_9 20160413_13

We stopped for a McDonalds for the first time in a long, long time, just felt the urge.  It was a very pleasant afternoon.  Sam talked non-stop about coding and various potential games, was nice to be out of the house with a relaxed frame of mind to just talk and listen to him.  I try but I am sure I don’t do it enough.

Coming along the sea front on the way home there were a ‘lot’ of naval ships off Lee and Stoke’s Bay, I jokingly commented a mini invasion looked in the offing.

That night was Cubs, we’re counting them down for the move to Scouts.  The walk to pick him up was to the noise of what sounded like a load of helicopters and the walk back to a booming voice from a tannoy.  Couldn’t make out the words.  Where I was growing up this sort of thing would of been hugely exciting and we’d have had to go and investigate.  Life is much more interesting down here and mild curiosity is the response rather than huge excitement.  I suspect the French waited for the evening sunshine to invade rather than braving the morning fog 🙂

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