Fresh Air Fun

Thursday morning, I had the fidgits and felt the need to get out.  So Sam did his maths as he had some of Weds left, it was drawing pie charts and we hadn’t had the statistics the day before, I helped him find the data (I’d asked his questions on Facebook) and the left him to it.  Tesco bought me some food and I dealt with that.  Once maths was caught up on my Dad arrived and we headed 5 mins down the coast to Hill head.

There was a school group rockpooling so we stuck to the park for a while.  We’d brought a ball and kite.  Not a great deal of wind and the middle tension bar was missing on the kite so that was soon abandoned.  Sam played football for a while and I chatted with my Dad.

I then joined Sam and we spent a happy hour making up ball games using the space around us; slide football, kicking over the bank and target throwing through the bars of whatever it is.  Proper play!  Did us both the world of good.

We then headed on to the beach for some paddling and treasure hunting.  Found a large clam and an interesting pile of stuck together shells.

Lovely morning.

Afternoon, we started working through a proper KS2 computing curriculum.  It is really far too simple but by going back over the basic (using the workbook) I am hoping that it will get him into thinking about what processes he goes through and breaking stuff up into smaller jobs.

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