Home Ed on the Go.

I have no doubt mentioned before how the term home education makes me laugh.  Most home educators I know actually spend very little time at home.

We aim for four days of what I think of as our core work, the basics of maths and English and the regular practice of languages.  Even this is happening out of the house more and more.  Rather than rush on coding club mornings we take it with us and work in the library before the others join us.  Then we have tables booked in the town library roughly fortnightly.

Friday was one of those table booked days.  Due to holidays and other stuff we were the only regular family to make it.  I’d planned to do some research in the library and it was a miserable wet day so it suited us to go along anyway.  That was always the plan.

We did English and maths.  I meant to photograph his maths because it was a lot of fun. It involved using various graphs to solve a crime.

20160422_102112 We spent some time trying to do our research in the library before giving up and getting some books out. We then headed over to the local studies centre for another look.  Half hour later myself and the lady working there admitted defeat.  Who knew that it would be so hard to find a map of local rivers?  Sam had not taken any part in the search having found a book on local murders to read instead!
20160422_112749 We had a little potter around the geology section before leaving.20160422_114955 20160422_115000 20160422_115058 A petrified tree trunk and Sam acting petrified (or daft).20160422_115207 With rain still falling heavily and motivation to do much when we got home low, we went back to the library for lunch and hot chocolate.
20160422_122917 Mint Aero cake.  Very nice 🙂

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