Kidzania again

It is unusual for me to book a trip to the same place twice in 18 months.  18 months – 2 years is my unwritten rule. I think there are so many interesting places out there I want to visit different ones.  That said when we were on the train home from Kidzania last time they kids were talking about what they hadn’t done and what they wanted to do next time.  This time conversations on that line started before we’d even left the place.

It really is a fabulous place for the kids so much to do.  We’ve had two 4hr visits now and still not covered it all.  Plus the older ones can have the freedom to go alone as it feels so safe and secure.

The idea is they get to experience real occupations and get paid for them (not in real money).  Sam did the air conditioning engineer (several times), smoothie maker, ice cream factory and animation that I saw.  There are fire stations, police, couriers, shops, hotels, dentists etc to work in.  Taking photos is tricky due to light and trying to avoid other children and not being able to spot him most of the time.

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One of the best things about it is the social side.  I think off the top of my head there was about 50 of us last time we went and over 70 this time.  The kids go off and do their own thing (or with a particular friend) but keep bumping in to other friends and having the ‘have you done?’ conversation.  Many of the parents (that didn’t have under 8’s 😉 ) spent quite a long time in the cafe.
The journey is part of the day out.  There were 7 families on the train when we set out and 9 by the time we got off.

On the way home lots of people rushed off to avoid the busy trains, but a couple of us decided rushing wasn’t for us.  It actually took us 45 mins to get out after our allotted time by the time they had done the shop and bank.  So we killed a bit more time in book shops and the Lego store and caught an early evening train home.  Treated them to a build your own mini-figure each.   Turned out to be a good buy as after the first couple of stations when the train emptied they played very happily all three for the rest of the way home!  Virtually unheard of!

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