Making It Up Monday

After pretty much 3 weeks break, Monday saw Jack back to school and Sam in need of a return to routine.

I know many home educators don’t ‘do’ school holidays with the argument it is all life.  While I totally agree with the philosophy and never thought school holidays would effect our routines that much, in reality though of course they do.  Very obviously they do now with Jack in school, but even long before then.  For personalities like me and Sam who naturally gravitate towards routine (creatures of habit), term time with Jack leaving and coming back at regular times (and the noise of the school run out side the front door), a pattern of home ed group activities and extra curricular clubs and the pattern of places being enjoyable to visit in the week day time means we fall into a natural relaxed rhythm.  That of course goes out of the window when we don’t have the anchor points of activities, our out of the house places are invaded by others, there are schooled friends to catch up with, to say nothing of a teenager (or several) hovering about the house.

Actually it is quite nice to have regular short breaks in routine, stops things getting too ‘routine’ and dull.  I turn my attention to other things  such as household jobs and work projects to try and keep our term day times as uncluttered as possible.

What I also do is plan for the term.  As I have mentioned before my planning is more a list of things we could do tied into certain projects and preparing the materials/supplies so they are ready to be picked up when/if required.  No planning leads to frustration when we want to do stuff but don’t have stuff we need and lots of wasted time and debating about what to do.  The point of the ramble so far is that because I was so busy with work and trying to spend what time I could with older child this holiday planning did not happen.

However we muddled through Monday quite successfully.
Maths and English were prepared back in August so they just happen with no effort.  Spanish and Latin needs no input from me.  So the core work which is the basic block of the day was easily done and dusted by 10 ish.

We chatted about future plans and bought some resources from Amazon.  Lot of discussion was given over to talking about ways to extend his interest in computers.  He had a go at touch typing using BBC’s Dance Mat.  We’ll settle for it wasn’t for Sam!  Touch typing he is keen on the loud, singing goat really didn’t appeal.

I decided to read through the introduction to rivers in our Geography Encyclopaedia as a stress free way to introduce the topic.  Possibly a good thing I hadn’t done too much planning yet as if I’d have done my usual list of ‘what would I like him to know’ I think we could probably tick off most things already.  He knew a lot more about it than I expected (we have never touched on subject formally), even being able to describe the formation of an ox-bow lake.  Turned into more of a question and answer session and decorating faces with (washable) pens.

20160413_4 We watched a few episodes of Horrible Histories over lunch.

Afternoon went in research and prep for Weds DIY session.  Lots of discussion followed about aliens and then random science and ethics of things like cloning and zombies.  Long discussion about ‘growing’ organs for transplant and the moral distinctions between that and cloning whole humans.

Sam then decided to build a calculator on Scratch.  I hung around and watched and chatted with him for a while before realising the discussion was getting far too surreal for me.  Lef Sam on Scratch and I headed off to do some of my latest FutureLearn courses.  Been really disappointed in some lately – I am very much I have started so I’ll finish person but have given up on a few lately or really struggled to the end.

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