River Meon Estuary Walk

We made up for not going to Titchfield Haven on Weds by heading over there with my Dad on Thursday.
We were aiming to look more at the river this time and walked along the west bank and the ‘Scrapes’ for the first time.  These are wetlands reclaimed from the Titchfield canal.

We had a bit of a walk back to the visitor centre to pay (sad at expiration of Culture All pass) and found a nice viewing area and some bluebells.

20160421_16 20160421_19 We bought some duck food and stopped to feed them.  Always feels odd ducks on the sea 🙂20160421_24 20160421_27 20160421_30 20160421_32 20160421_35 Over at the Scrapes we found a seagull nesting ground.  Never heard such noise from birds before.  I did record a video, it is on the facebook page as struggle with videos on here.20160421_36 20160421_38 We stopped in the hide and watched for a while before heading off for a walk.
20160421_46 20160421_47 20160421_48 20160421_51 20160421_54 Sam was fascinated by the green stuff on the stream. 20160421_61 Testing new wellies.
20160421_65Bit of sea wall balancing 🙂
20160421_67This must be one of our favourite places for a walk.

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