‘Treemendous’ Hillier

The appalling pun was Sam’s btw.

On a quest to make use of our Culture All pass before it runs out we went to Hillier Gardens on Thursday.  I didn’t have great hopes as gardens aren’t our thing and the walking was too much for my Dad really but it wasn’t a public transport trip.  However, I really liked the place and regret that we left it to the last week of the pass and school holiday time to explore.

Sam spent a long time on the swing.  Afterwards he commented that it was one of the few things that are better with others (he was playing with a lot of other children on there).  He had the opposite view at the tree house which he thought was great but ‘pity there are other people’.

20160331_105324 20160331_105700 20160331_105744 20160331_111524 20160331_111725 20160331_111656

With the tree house deemed too busy he moved on to rolling, running and falling down the bank.

20160331_11160620160331_111840 20160331_111905

I thought that was probably it in terms of eeking out enjoyment of the place but thinking never likely to go again we left my Dad to try and find some sun to sit in (was lovely when sun was out but very nippy when it went in) and Sam and I took a walk to see the Magnolia Avenue as I do like magnolia trees.  Found a lot more though.

Great place for sticks 🙂


The winter garden20160331_110322 20160331_112418 Pond20160331_121637 Bog garden20160331_121821

There was a wonderful little rope bridge near by where a lot of climbing was done but there were too many children to get a photo.

Watching the waterfall and discussing why the sound of it made you want to wee 😀 20160331_122744 Disappearing off into the spring garden.  I was actually worrying he was gone that long, lots more twists and hiding places than expected!20160331_123622 Magnolia avenue – bet it is beautiful when fully in bloom.20160331_123645 20160331_124005 On the way back to my dad we came across a really nice little education garden.  Sam spent ages on the chime bars and pump. 20160331_130008 20160331_130218 20160331_130611 20160331_130723

Really lovely place.  Bit too far and expensive with out the pass to be a regular visiting place but not found many nicer places for a spring potter.

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