Weekend Woes

The blog and Facebook memories app remind me that this seems to be a particularly tough time of year for us.  Week before May bank holiday and Cub camp seems to be a period of illness and high pollen count.

Two years ago the two things combined to give Sam the worse asthma attack I have ever seen.  Took blue lights, 4 nebulisers and about 4 hours to stabilise him.  He was fine within a few hours.  Gave me a hell of a scare though.

Friday night saw the worst attack since then.  Luckily we managed to get it under control ourselves using inhaler and the plan they’d given me at the hospital.  By morning he was a bit peaky and a little wheezy but attack was long over.  Made for a sleepless scary night and a weekend spent mostly resting.  We were both asleep before 9pm despite having a teenage sleepover going on.

Today had a relaxed chilled air.  Pete was about having got home from a few days away on Sunday evening.

Sam wrote a letter to a friend.  We started fractions in maths and as extension work got out the pattern blocks.  Then wasted a fair amount of time making patterns and discussing area.

20160425_7 20160425_10 20160425_11  There was Mathletics, Manga High and Timez Attack.  The last two we have not used for a while and there was big disappointment that you can no longer subscribe to paid version of Timez Attack (I had promised to for 3 months from May for the period motivation really wanes).  Manga High has also updated and is not as good as we remembered.

After lunch he read and watched me have a go with the FL mobile app course – I can now make my phone turn green and have a ball that bounces off the sides of the screen 🙂  Feeling quite accomplished!

Then we subscribed Sam to Code Combat – where he spent most of the rest of the afternoon.

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