Amble around Hamble

Some days seem marked as good days before they even start and yesterday was one of those.  Sun was shining and mood was light.  Whatever we had done I think we were in the mood to enjoy.
What we did was finish off our river project.  I’d picked a book about a local river so we did the exercises on Friday and read the rest today on the bus.  Then we took a trip to the river.  An hours easy bus ride away.  We paused in Warsash to look at the river and point out features we knew.  Then took the cutest little pink ferry across to the village on the other side of the river.
This was somewhere I’d never been so we explored the very quaint village and the edge of the common.  Sam says’s it’s like Wales without hills!  There was a cafe on the river side with a roof garden for a lovely view over lunch.
The plan was to walk up alongside the river to Bursledon (or maybe further) and bus home from there.  However all the marinas meant walking along the river itself was not possible and about 1 1/2 mile out of the village the road got nasty, no pavement and too many bends and fast going cars for my liking.  So when we spotted a footpath across the road I decided to accept we’d got all the learning about rivers we were going to out of the day and we’d take a route that kept us alive.

So we walked along the edge of the old air field (I think!). Sam kept his eyes open for bits of broken Spitfires as they were tested from the airfield, no joy.  We did find a stream, friendly horses, blossom and bluebells though.  Back in the village we stopped at a little playpark and took the time to visit the Norman church.

We ended the visit with an ice cream.  I have never seen Sam enjoy one more. He normally likes the idea of ice cream more than the reality.  The raspberry and white chocolate was very nice apparently.

Lots of pictures of sparkly water below.






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20160516_74 20160516_75
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