Coke cans and Changes of Plan

We had the community tables booked at the library on Friday.  Once more we had them to ourselves. I need to make a call on whether to cancel them or organise an activity from them.  Will leave decision to over the summer as going along works quite nicely for us anyway and that was why I arranged it.

Sam spent most of the time we were there drawing.  We returned to where we’d started our Pop Art project – Andy Warhol.  We looked at the Campbell’s Soup Cans talked about recognisable brands and tried drawing a coke can.  I’m impressed with the effort.


He went on to do a collection of sketches, because he decided he wanted to, looking at reflections.  We did do some maths and English even if most of the stuff for maths was on the table at home!

We had a picnic lunch down by the waterfront.

20160527_120854 The plan had been to do a treasure trail around Gosport after lunch.  However, despite the tourist office having copies whenever we’ve nipped in for the last few years, did they when I wanted one?  Of course not!

We had a quick charity shop rummage collecting this gem.

It was then home to spend the afternoon in a sunny garden looking at the science of oceans and coastal erosion.  We’ve done this before in geography so just a reminder really.

We read lots.  Made waves.20160527_144142 Showed how waves refract around round objects – headlands or macaroni cheese 🙂20160527_145048 We then made a sandy beach and gently rocked the fish tank to make waves and watched the beach erode.20160527_150545 20160527_150609 Toy knights were brought out to join in and I left Sam to make a huge mess and sat down to a coffee.  Unbelievably (if you ignore my attempt to cover RE) we have kept up with my spreadsheet of HE plans made in August 2015 and we’re drawing close to an early summer holiday.  Feeling quite satisfied at the moment.   20160527_150842

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