Enjoying being a child

I was intending to title this post ‘rivers and recycled art’ as that is what we have been learning about.  While the purpose of the blog is keeping track of that learning so it doesn’t all get lost in the business of living, in light of the news stories this week and my determination to enjoy the small stuff it is life we’ll focus on.

Our parcel showed up mid morning on Weds so we finished up the mornings work and headed out.  Not for the big adventure I am itching for but for a pleasant day enjoying what is on our own doorstep.
Picnic on the beach.

20160504_115322There was a lot of this unusually.  He doesn’t normally do slides but played for an hour happily on his own going up and down (well a collection of much younger children were entertained by pushing him down so not that on his own 🙂 ).  He was in slippery clothes too, got some pace up!

test t2

When he’d exhausted that we stopped for a Penguin mixed ice cream (whipped strawberry and vanilla in a spiral).t3Then spent some time in the arcade.  Penny falls, air hockey and then one video game is the rule 🙂t4

20160504_133801 20160504_134515 Skate park.20160504_135117

Home for a long overdue haircut.  I am mum of many talents.  Even the teenager prefers me to the barber!  Although please don’t judge me on Sam’s fringe it was a bit of an oops.  I don’t have an after pic.


Thursday we had another parcel due and Sam wanted to stay in and do the science planned as it’sounded fun’.  It was too!  We tried to create a river in a tray.  It did work surprisingly.  It wouldn’t do the fancy things with meanders like in the book but then we were using a wooden tray from Wilkos and a jug rather than the properly home built ‘storm tray’ 4 times the size of ours and rigged up to a hose pipe.  So happy with what we did get which was the basic idea and a lot of fun.

We lined a large flat tray with a plastic bin liner, filled with sand and levelled it.  We raised one end so it was on a slope.  Sam then gently but steadily poured water in from the top.  We watched a channel form and eventually a delta.  Then Sam spent a good while creating a flood of biblical proportions and a right mess.  He had a lot of fun doing it!


20160505_112038 20160505_112503 20160505_112630 20160505_112857t5

We then did this weeks art based on Rauschenberg’s Retroactive.  He had his sketchbook a couple of newspapers and Sunday supplements and the brief to make a collage based on news stories.  Love the result.  I love being able to take a subject he thinks he isn’t interested in and doesn’t enjoy and turn it so he doesn’t notice he is doing it. I’ve had very few misses he always enjoys the art activities so much and he’d never do them if down entirely to him.


We’d been efficient and it was still only lunch time.  So we had lunch and went to vote.20160506_2

Then collected Grandad and went to the park to use the exercise machines and get my sparkly water soul lift.  Unfortunately I forgot about all the INSET days for the election so we didn’t stay that long as park was far too busy.  We did find someone to show us one of the model electric boats they’d built.  It was nearly big enough for Sam and pretty impressive.

20160506_7Home and there was time for some coding while I had a bath and dragged myself off to Jack’s school for a meeting about an exchange he is going on.

Pleasant few days; lots of park time and work has been cutting and sticking and sand and water play 🙂

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