From Bouncing to Bubbles

We really, really haven’t stopped this week.  Been a good one but rather tired now and have a weekend of catching up on stuff that has been ignored in the week to look forward to.

I’ve been trying to co-ordinate a time to have a phone call and chat with our new museum officer and it just hasn’t happened, taken me a week to find some gaps in the schedule when I can promise to be in and it’s another week before there is one we can both do.  Have I mentioned that I am a little traumatised by the retirement of the out going museum officer?  I’ve known her 10 years and she has run many activities for us HE and community and we got on well and she understood the complexities involved in booking HE trips and we could laugh through gritted teeth about the time keeping of HEers and all the other stuff that organising HE trips requires me to normally apologise for.  Actually back when the job was 2 jobs I had a lovely chat with the two museum officers one day when they told me horror stories about visiting schools that made me feel so much more relaxed on HE trips – we could be worse it seems.  Touch wood,  the new lady seems nice enough though.  My days of organising trips to local museums are drawing to a close anyway.  They only seem to cover Primary ages.  We’ve still technically a year to go but most of the KS2 workshops now aren’t that interesting or challenging.  I’m hoping to do a Harvest event at the local Windmill, I never got around to it last year.  Plus I must do one more at Search for old time’s sake.  May even take a younger group too on the hope that one of the ‘next generation’ will take on the mantle of working with them as it is such a fantastic resource.

Anyway I have rather digressed.  Monday started with Maths and English and then a trip to a local(ish if by bus) trampoline park.  I wish I’d gone on!

20160509_9 20160509_10 20160509_11 20160509_15Tuesday dawned, hot, grey and oppressive.  Rare I suffer from asthma now but the walk from town to coding club triggered a nasty attack so afternoon plans got shelved and I accepted a lift home from a friend and can’t remember at all how the afternoon went.  I think it was more coding, lots of coffee and sitting in a bath trying to breathe.
Sam went up to  Hundred Acre Woods in the evening for den building with the Cubs. He made his own tea first 🙂

20160511_2Weds, weather was better fortunately.  As well as maths and English some science was managed before it was time to go out.  We were looking at the the impact of ice and glaciers on the landscape.

We started off with a pile of cards on a tray with weights on top and tilted the tray until they slipped down showing the cards on top moving faster.

20160511_3 20160511_4We discussed that it isn’t so much the ice doing the eroding but what it carries.  We dipped a melting ice cube in sand and then rubbed it across a piece of balsa wood to see the scratches it made.

20160511_6 Finally we showed the formation of moraine by pushing a full bag of water across a tray of sand.

20160511_12Then made a mess!

20160511_16 The afternoon was DIY group.  This is my favourite group I think.  I like the fact that there is a slightly educational angle but it is fun and practical.  I like that there is a lot of collaboration but it doesn’t feel forced.  Sam is about in the middle age wise and that is perfect!  It’s a nice bunch of people that come.  Need a few more regulars to make it sustainable long term I think which is a pity.

The session was based on game design.  We started off with story cubes and a go at a word game which failed.  We then did a beetle drive which went down surprisingly well.20160511_18 20160511_19 Finally it was on to some game design.  We split into two groups and gave the children cards to make for 1000 cards.  This took way longer than I’d planned for.  In fact making the cards and playing took them to 20 mins off the session end and they were asking (even the teens) to go out for a run about in the garden, so off they went.  They found a rounders bat in the undergrowth last time.  This time they came out with a hockey stick!

20160511_20 20160511_21

Thursday is normally Grandad day but we had a birthday picnic to go to.  We combined them both in the end.  Rushed through maths and English and then headed into town for breakfast with my dad before catching a bus on to join friends at Portchester Castle.  We had quite possibly the most chaotic game of rounders I have ever seen.20160512_5 20160512_7 20160512_27 20160512_45 20160512_73 20160512_89 20160512_105Today we were off to Gosport library as had the community tables booked.  Maths, English and some working through of a book on the River Hamble and a lot of reading and choosing new books.  We picked up some craft supplies for work and had lunch in McDonalds as ‘big’ drops of rain were falling.  I am a firm believer in the no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing.  Well in the 2 minutes we were out in it my blouse was starting to stick to my chest.  Much longer and it would have been pointless, welded to me and transparent.  I was wearing poor clothing!

At home the afternoon vanished in playing with some pocket money toys we’d picked up in the week when buying for his friend, a lot of reading and a long time in the garden playing with bubbles (no photos as I was making the bubbles).  There was some Minecraft which he hasn’t played for months and now he is at Scouts, Jack is at Explorers and I have a glass of wine!



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