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We have finally found the playground on the Alver Valley!  Not that we had actually looked for it before, we tend to head for the old Motte and Bailey site for climbing and don’t drift that far east.  But we came into the park from the east for a change and there was the playground.  Definitely our favourite local playground now.  Just needs the zip wire fixed and less flies and it would be near perfect for us.

Anyway Friday started early with a quick run through of maths and English.  By coincidence his writing, grammar and vocab work have all focussed on synonyms this week, which considering they are 3 distinct curricula is odd but good.  Maths we’re on decimals, this seems to be one of those things that he has mastered instinctively so we motor through just to check.


We were then off to Fareham as I had the under 10’s HE group to run.  The plan of Pete having Friday off hasn’t worked so far.  It doesn’t matter though, I enjoy the opportunity to chat to parents I may not see otherwise and the test on my creativity of coming up with activities for the younger ones.  Sam takes his kindle and takes himself off to the cafe for a treat.  I would never plan that into my life but Pete and I both agree it is a good thing.

After the group we caught the bus down to the east side of the Alver Valley.  We picnicked in the playground.  This may be my favourite climbing frame ever.

20160506_13 20160506_15 20160506_cSuddenly seems to be getting a ‘dare devil’ he was happy(ish) to swing above my head (quite a big step).  Then even started jumping off!  We spent a long time doing that.
20160506_17It bounces and spins but I suspect it needs more people to get it working well.
20160506_19Then we started walking in the direction of home for our real reason to be on the valley – the river!  Which of course was flooded.  Normally I am in wellies but having been into town first it was a shoes off and paddling job.

20160506_27Our first job was trying to measure the river flow.  The idea was that we’d throw an orange into the water and time it’s journey over a set distance.  The reasons for an orange is that it should sit below the water line and catch the flow better and that it would biodegrade.
There was no flow!  Plus the obvious thing if I’d thought about it happened.  Throw something into the river at Apple Dumpling Bridge and a dog jumps in to retrieve it for you 🙂  Only dogs don’t like oranges it seems so they spit it straight out! They also don’t learn from other dogs or their own experiences, about 4 different dogs tried to retrieve our orange, most tried several times 🙂  Was very funny to watch.
20160506_28 We had some tests to test the nitrate and phosphate levels in the water.  First attempt was a failure but second saved the day.20160506_30

20160506_b We walked home through the country park and I just had time for coffee and ironing new Scout/Explorer shirts before taking Jack for a frustrating medical appointment.  Nothing annoys me more than being treated like an idiot!

Home with Subway for tea.  I did a ‘supermum’ and rustled up brownies.  Microwave brownies are one of the big positives to take from my guiding years.  10 mins from idea to plate from stuff I usually have in.

Then it was time to take Sam for his first session at Scouts and Jack to Explorers.  All change here.  10pm before we were all in and settled.  A busy but (annoying nurse aside) good day.


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