Fun and Games

Wednesday was our monthly home ed social group.  We started with board games and out door play.  There isn’t anything to play with just a large garden but doesn’t matter they had a ball and there was a long complicated game of Stuck in the Mud.


Then we added a little twist.
We made a maze of tables and they had to ride through lying on skateboards.


Then we played Hungry Hippos.  I won’t bore you with how you’ve seen the videos.  Great fun had by all.  I had a go!

20160525_150339 20160525_145847 20160525_145628

We finished off with one of my favourites, human battleships.  Players sit either side of a curtain and can’t move.  Direct strike with a ball thrown over the curtain gets some one out.  Have to look for direction ball comes from to try and work out where other players are.  Needed a few more for a good game but went down well.  Lot of cheating went on.

20160527_25 20160527_22 20160527_20



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