Owl Pellets Workshop

The big activity of the day was an owl pellet workshop.  Went down a storm.  When I’d talked to Sam about it yesterday he was appalled at the idea.  He really enjoyed it though.  There are times Mum does know best 🙂
20160518_2 20160518_3 20160518_8 20160518_11 20160518_14 20160518_16 20160518_18 20160518_21Although the activity was good I must admit I was completely drained after in a way I haven’t experienced after a group activity for a long time.  I did find myself shouting at the kids which is never good.  Miserable shouty lady is not something I like to be (and nearly always gives me a headache) and they were just being kids really. It’s me, I have no patience for running about while there are activities going on (not a moan at other people’s kids as mine was right in there too – grr) we all have our buttons and that is one of mine.  What I should have done, of course, is exactly what I would have done as a guider and organise a game to direct that energy, they’d finished and were bored.  Out of the mindset though, it just didn’t occur to me!  Perhaps I was already a bit mentally kicked by the twin blows of turning up to find our coffee had vanished (particularly as I had remembered milk) and having a bit of drama with issues with key.

Big cup of coffee and seeing how happy and proud Sam is with his card of bones picked me up though 🙂

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