Planning Pleasure


I really love planning if you haven’t noticed!  I have spent much of the last 3 days mentally making plans for history next academic year.  Whether we follow them or not making plans keeps me happy.  Pete has been catching the bug too and coming up with little small related projects for him to be involved in.  Also as part of researching ideas I have reminded myself how good the BBC’s History and National Archive websites are.

Catch up on what we have been up to.  Friday was spent on housework and continued creativity.  We carried on with Pop Art project and made clay food as we continued looking at Oldenburg.  I’ll add a photo when they have been painted.  We then looked at George Segal’s The Diner and made a plaster cast of my hand and a LOT of mess, got to love modroc!


We also managed some baking in prep for Pete’s Dad coming to stay.


I went over to the Dockyard with my father in law on Saturday to catch the new Jutland exhibition.  Not something I knew anything about but was interesting.  Was definitely a good idea to leave Sam at home to go out with a friend though.  Firstly he’d have been bored and secondly I appear to have mislaid his Dockyard pass.  We also popped in to a couple of churches and the latest exhibition in Gosport Gallery on the history of the High Street.

Rest of the weekend went in work, chatting to FiL and this.


My sleep has been worse than usual the last few nights and today it caught up.  I dropped off mid sentence!  After father in law headed home we’ve had a leisurely day.  PJ day for Sam.

English, Maths, Latin and Spanish took up most of the morning as we were late starting with seeing off Grandpa and Sam spent a long time on Live Mathletics.
I carried on reading from our Encyclopaedia of Ancient Greece.

We finally got around to watching the first of the RI Christmas lectures over lunch.  Turns out we haven’t watched the ones from 2014 either!  Oops.

Another long overdue job was creating some cards to add to our index timeline, it has been sadly neglected this year.

20160523_133753We spent some time this afternoon looking up the links from the encyclopaedia (it’s an Usborne one).  Sure there must be far more interesting sites than the ones they pick and they should do a better job of checking them as a lot of broken ones.  This lead on to doing his own research and spending most of the afternoon working on a Mycenaean city on Minecraft while I read aloud (until I dosed off) from Rosemary Sutcliff’s Iliad adaptation ‘Black Ships Before Troy’  I love Rosemary Sutcliff for historical fiction for children.

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