Some days are sent to test us!

After Monday’s really good day, Tuesday did it’s best to be a real bummer.  Life is what you make of it though and we were still smiling at the end of the day.

Morning got off to a bad start, Sam overslept and I didn’t notice.  Then with no printer taking work to the library was out as I normally photocopy what we need.  We would have missed the bus we normally catch anyway.  However I tried to fit in the work before we went, along with getting the bin and the washing out,  failed completely and ended up rushing out rather frazzled.

On the bus I received an email saying my card had been declined on purchase that morning – of a £4 dvd.  So therefore I worried and fretted until we were in Portsmouth and I could go and check my balance and establish that no one had hacked my account and stolen my money.

We were now running far later than normal.  Anything less than 10 mins early for something gives me a nervous twitch.  I don’t do late!  Still first there 😉

Only to find when we got to coding club the computers were down and had been since Friday.  If they had gone on the morning I would have sighed but with days of notice I was annoyed that they hadn’t contacted us – I think they may know that.  It takes us well over an hour each way and about £16 in transport costs – overall it is worth it but…

Any way actually we just sat around for an hour and chatted.  I think that is all Sam really wants from Code club anyway a chance to sit around with his friends and talk computers and other geeky stuff that goes over my head.  He was perfectly happy with the morning.

Having nipped into the shopping centre (for toilets), spotting BHS open I went to get Pete some trousers, only to have my card refused again!  Since we were out anyway and I had money it wasn’t the disaster it could have been, just a trip into the bank to work out what they had marked as ‘potential fraud’ this time!  Turns out my ‘unusual activity’ was buying an exercise bike 😀  Have to see the funny side of that one.

Home and the afternoon passed pleasantly enough.  Sam spent ages looking up random bits of tech he apparently wants, worked on his code club project and I read, did housework and played Fifa on the Xbox with Jack when he came home.

Apart from the initial dip that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago I seem to be keeping the seasonal bad mood at bay.  I can put a lot of it down to the purchase of some ridiculously expensive (they were bad I was desperate I’d try anything) eye spray as I can’t do drops.  My eyes are still a bit puffy and watery but this spray is magic!  The biggest difference seems to be that my eyes are not swollen shut by 7pm and I am not getting the head aches. There is a dull ache some evenings but normally Spring is a time for a permanent dull achy head with crippling, stabbing migraine like headaches of an evening.
I have also planned well when I set up our yearly schedule it seems and managed to make things low stress.  Groups are fun enough that I’m still feeling sociable too!
Touch wood, I’m doing okay and feel like a functioning human being!

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