Tears and Creativity

Yesterday did not get off to a good start at all.  I had a plan in my head to go out with my Dad and a voucher to use for the visit.  Sam awoke late though, I’d let him sleep in as I expected him to be tired and in fact much of the motivation behind my plans was they were good ‘tired day’ plans.  However, this meant discussions on plans happened too close to waking up, and before antihistamines could kick in.  He was too tired it turned out and the idea of going out was not greeted with joy and excitement, but me saying ‘fine it is completely your choice’ wasn’t the right answer as he agreed with the logic of my plans and deciding was hard.  Sigh!

Took half an hour cuddling on the sofa before all was right again.

Over tiredness and a ridiculously high pollen count are too blame I think.  Despite the magic spray I have had tears running down my cheeks for about 24hrs 🙁

We stayed home and did maths and English.  Then went for a walk to the village for the Beano and bakers (lunch decision nearly went in to a wobble but deflected it!) and library.

We spent the afternoon chatting with my dad, working on Scratch (Sam!) and making lotus flowers and mandalas for work (me).  Ended up a nice enough day.

I also managed to finish and frame this.  We love Alice in Wonderland.


Time to start slowing down I think.  We could both do with more days at home.  It was nice not to feel rushed over work.  The crafts are what I was originally signed up to do but finding the time has become harder and harder.  I do really enjoy it once I start and despite himself so does my assistant.

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