Time goes by

I seem to have dosed off one day with toddlers tearing about the place only to find that those toddlers are teens/pre teens!

Tuesday marked Sam’s last day at Cubs.  He’s been bridging to Scouts and he was happy enough about the move up (he’s moving on with friends).  It’s me who is sorry, the Cub leader is superb and I have always had complete trust in him to look after Sam with his allergies.  Looks like connection might not be broken though as Jack is possibly on his way back to train as a young leader.


Before the Cub farewell we had Code club.  We had planned to head directly home after, however hunger won out and we ended up picking up a Graze pitta for me and a Greggs sausage roll in town.  Rather than eat in the unpleasant smoke filled streets of central Portsmouth we nipped to Victoria Park and ended up staying for about 2 hours.  I forget how much we like Victoria Park.



Sam spent a lot of time practising coming down the slide in various positions and ‘rule breaking’ by climbing up.  Still such a big thing for him 🙂  I sat under a tree and sewed.


20160524_125459We took a little walk to see the animals.  The rabbits smelt.

20160524_140114 20160524_140036

Then I spent nearly an hour pushing the swing for him to practice jumping off.

Then we headed home via the book shop as we missed connecting bus by a couple of minutes. Lovely relaxed, going with the flow day.

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