A Time Turner Would be Nice

Found myself typing a post on our local home ed group this morning saying I’ll run an art group.  If you haven’t guessed, although I lack skill personally, doing art appreciation – creating art based on the work of famous artists is one of my favourite things to do with kids.  If I can make Sam enthusiastic about this one then I must be okay at it too 😉

Then before pressing send I stopped and thought ‘when?’, ‘when do you possibly have a gap in group activities to fit one in or even in your own diary?’.  So I deleted it.  When I sent out the list of what was on this week there were at least 2 group activities every day and that is without counting a large number of regular groups which are closed numbers wise.  I think something would have to give way to it and what is that going to be?

I asked before confirming hall bookings for Sept and got a loud yes to everything continuing as is.  I suspect in reality that might not translate to numbers in Sep as lots of new ideas/groups popping up and people saying – ooh yes!  So possibly may have time (and halls) to play with but only time will tell.

In the mean time I am fighting the urge to say ‘ooh yes’ to lots too.  I want to be supportive of others organising stuff and the activities are our sorts of things but it is the fitting it in timewise and financially that is boggling the mind.

It really doesn’t help that our plans for what we want to achieve at home are increasing too.

So personal priorities we need:

  • At least one full day and two further half days at home every week.
  • At least one day a fortnight that can be used for all day trips, casual meet ups, hanging out with friends, having appointments, doing what we fancy when we get up that morning…
  • At least 1/2 a day for time with my dad
  • Ideally weekends and 2 evenings/late afternoons for work (my work!)
  • Of the activities Code Club is his favourite so as long as that continues, hassle though it is, it is the thing I will try and fit around.
  • The social sessions at Alverstoke are the ones that work best for us.  They are the ones that feel most like a HE group session should be.  Mixed age, relaxed, with no real agenda therefore we can do arty or science or cooking or games for variety, kids of all ages participating and playing group games together with little adult input.
  • The DIY group is the one most tied in to Sam’s interests.  It is the one that I find most interesting and he does too and the one I would really like to develop into a proper D&T/science investigation group in the future.  It is the one I expect we will need to lose from the numbers though.  Just seems to be a shortage of boys in particular of that age to whom it would appeal.  That might possibly be my art group.
  • The under 10’s group I will do as long as there is a call for it.  I enjoy it and keeps me thinking for work.  Although if numbers tail off space is good for so many other things and I have a LONG wish list and a book of one day plans 🙂
  • Of the new stuff being touted.  Trampolining is a priority to try and fit in.  Swimming would be nice but won’t happen in reality as no longer a direct bus there.  Possibly would if we lose Code Club.  Outdoor meets will always have to be a flexible, slot in on quieter weeks thing.

It’s so hard to prioritise what we want to do.  I have to sit on my hands sometimes to stop myself typing – Young Engineers Club, Crest, Philosophy, Art Awards, Book Group, Around the World sessions, History, Walks, Archery, Laser Quest, no end of one off workshops and trips I would love to book…  Just don’t have time or money.   Also have to face the fact that the most popular activities for Sam’s age group and the ones where most children he would/does get on well with go have absolutely no appeal to him or me.  Far prefer doing the book work educational stuff ourselves, we toy with going to some of the tutorials for the social aspect but doesn’t feel right.  One day probably.  Plus need to be mindful of the fact we’re home birds who burn out easily with too much socialising.

So good to see home ed thriving locally and so much on offer for everyone.  I would definitely rather have the dilemmas I have than the opposite.

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