Busy Bees and Chilled Out Times

End-of-term-itius is upon us, it may have taken me far longer than it should have to recognise that this is a real thing for us.  Mainly as the whole ‘term’ thing didn’t really feature in our home ed world in the days before Jack went to school.  We’ve adjusted well on the whole and have come to make the rhythm of half terms etc a positive but do find this time of year the hardest, in an ideal world we’d down tools from about late May and bounce back with enthusiasm early August.  Just doesn’t fit around the reality of having one at home and one not though.

I’d planned well this year  Finished off some of our curricula already and don’t have much left on the rest.  Project work is drifting a bit but I’d picked stuff that is easy to let go, and as ever we’re picking up other stuff to fill the gaps.

After the excitement of Monday, Tuesday was a near to home day as Code Club was cancelled again.  We had a few errands to run and my Dad has been ill so we dropped in on him.  Most of the day was spent lazily though.  Lots of reading, still in Roald Dahl phase and a pile of new books had come through the post about Bunnicula, the Vampire Bunny (yes really!).  Then Sam worked on Scratch and read more while I did some of my FutureLearn Europe course and watched a rather bizarre version of The Tempest (Russell Brand and Shakespeare combined is odd).

Weds we did some bookwork and read more before heading out to home ed group for a visit from a bee keeper.  Was a very, very busy session but a nice one.  Lots of new and not regular faces.
20160623_1 20160623_3 20160623_4 20160623_6On the way home Sam gave me a list of things he wants to learn about and what part it is he is interested in.  SO back to the drawing board on next year’s plans then 🙂




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