Change of Scene

I needed to get properly away from the house yesterday. Shake off the black mood that was starting to engulf.  Things were just starting to overwhelm me; pollen count feels very high, teenager is troublesome, boy 2 is out of sorts, sleep is not happening, work is hugely busy, mood across the country feels dark following last week’s events and the upcoming referendum.  Plus Weds home ed group rocked me more than a bit; there have been practical things to deal and worry about but the ‘what ifs’ that have been playing in my head are worse.  An accident at HE group has always been my worst nightmare as I could so easily see how they could happen, and besides sending messages to the group have always felt powerless to avoid.  Yesterday was about saying to myself stop dwelling, yes it could have been worse but it wasn’t, be grateful and move on.

It was a good pick me up.  Sam was ‘reluctant’ originally – he’s in cocooning phase – but went along happily enough when he could see I was not taking not going out as an option.  With the rain falling steadily all morning we opted to head into London to the British Museum.  When you don’t drive so many places that others take for granted are a fuss to get to but London is very easy and not that expensive when you weigh up entry costs and what it offers.

We hung out in the Greek galleries for the morning to try and reinvigorate our project.  We’d taken our Book of Centuries along for some sketching.


Nereid Monument
Parthenon sculptures

We then had a look at the Greek and Roman life galleries upstairs which were much quieter.

20160620_18 20160620_20 20160620_22 20160620_24

We’d had enough by then.  We love museums but little and often is the way to go.  So we headed off elsewhere for lunch and happened to chance on a very smaller Camera Museum with a cafe attached and virtually no one in there.  Two paninis and a huge slice of hot chocolate fudge cake followed.  Plus a little look at the museum.  The Spy/gun/camera from a James Bond film was Sam’s favourite.

20160620_27 20160620_29 20160620_30

We were thinking of nipping in to the Cartoon Museum but it was closed so we headed off with the idea of watching the street performers at Covent Garden for a while.  However I wasn’t concentrating and after about 15 mins cottoned on that I wasn’t where I intended to be but was in fact somewhere better – the end of Charing Cross Road!  The bookshops of Charing Cross Road were a very frequent weekend potter in my London days, not as many now but we still managed a pleasant hour or two and a reasonable haul.

20160620_32A walk through Whitehall followed, sad to see the flags all flying at half mast.  Then a spell in Jubilee Gardens as the sun had finally come out.

20160620_43 20160620_42 20160620_41

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