Dockyard Deadline

Our pass for Portsmouth Dockyard expires early next month. We’ve had a pass pretty much non stop for 6 years now.  However we’re finding we’re visiting less and less.  Once upon a time we’d spend sunny afternoons being pirates on the deck of the Warrior and wet ones in Action Stations on an almost weekly basis.  Now we’ve done Explosion a couple of times this year but that’s about it.  Think I am going to let our pass go for now,

With that in mind we thought it was worth a last hurrah.  Although we forgot how much was there so looks like we need to find another day!

We started with the Warrior.


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Did the obligatory time in Action Stations, where the new assault course is open and I wavered on the not replacing pass thing.


20160613_26 20160613_36 20160613_39 20160613_48

Last stop was M33.  We’ve only done that one once and 2 mins after we were on the ship Sam had turned green and said he wasn’t feeling well.  So it was nice to do it again feeling a lot less stressed. We stopped and watched the video on Gallipoli and then stopped for a lot longer to talk about it.  Up on deck one of the volunteers uncovered the ship’s gun and gave Sam a lesson in how to fire it (cripes!).

20160613_54 20160613_55 20160613_56 20160613_62After that we had coffee with a friend and Sam went back with them for the night.  When I picked him up this morning I was excitedly told ‘Claire fell down the stairs and fainted and we played lots of Magic’.  Good time then!  Not for poor Claire obviously.

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