Harbour Tour

Tuesday saw us returning Oscar who had spent a couple of nights at ours and then heading to the Dockyard for what I thought would be our last visit for a while but I ended up promising we’d go next week after Code Club.

We did the harbour tour as it was really hot and being out on the water felt like a good move.  Compared to previous tours there wasn’t really anything in dock of note.  Sad to see them stripping Illustrious.  The banana boats are always quite interesting, we see the Naval and the passenger ships a lot but I tend to think of Southampton being freight but 70% of the UK’s bananas come via Portsmouth.  Reminded me that they were supposed to be getting back to me about a group visit, think they said next month, about 4 years ago!

I really couldn’t see when I was taking photos because of the light but love the clouds.  Clouds were something a bit special that day, a beautiful sunny morning was starting to give to afternoon of heavy rain bursts.  Resting your head on the front felt nice apparently, it vibrated.


20160628_115720 20160628_115815 20160628_115852 20160628_120331 20160628_120453 20160628_121109 20160628_122244 We had lunch and a stop in Action Stations.  Where we found another 3 home ed families, quite often find someone there 🙂  Sam did the assault course for a while before a school group showed and home eders scarpered.  We played downstairs for a while and rode the simulator.

20160628_131352 20160628_131404 20160628_131415 20160628_133349

We then spent some time in Gosport picking up some stuff for Jack’s exchange trip with the school and today’s HE group.


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