I’ve had another nasty infected toe!  Did consider inflicting a photo but thought that was cruel.  Hasn’t hurt or caused problems until I have tried to put shoes on and then the pain was pretty bad.  Means after hobbling to a friend’s for coffee on Saturday (and gratefully accepting a lift home) I haven’t been further than half way along my garden path (where it suddenly becomes stony and painful under foot) since Saturday.  Rather bouncing of the walls now!

A few days in have allowed me time to catch up on my work.
Sam has been busy playing on his kindle and dismantling stuff.

20160601_135323With a bit of building too.
20160601_1I’ve been buying books.  I’ve planned well this year so I seem to have avoided the usual early summer panic that ‘we need to keep going until Jack finishes school, but we’re bored and lacking energy and therefore spending a load of money on fun workbooks/puzzle books that we will never use will fix everything’.  I am quite happy with what we have achieved this year so we will be gradually dropping bits as we finish resources between now and when J finishes.

So instead my splurge is on books for the future.  I am not sure of when or even if we’ll use them.  Sam wouldn’t be KS3 for another year.  They are more for my own curiosity to help inform planning.20160601_6

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