Mixed Bag

Is the best way to summarise last week.  It wasn’t a bad one by any means, if I look at the photos it looked lovely.  Poor sleep patterns and very high pollen counts meant that emotions were heightened and everyone had a tendency to overreact and see the bad side.  Was a lot of effort to keep us ‘up’.

Tuesday was the definite downer of the week when CodeClub had to be cancelled due to computers down but they never bothered to contact us again so we’d trekked all the way there.  I did fix Minecraft on the laptop in the afternoon which cheered him up but may prove a bad call in the long term.

Weds was game designing at DIY club.  Think we were just lacking motivation, it was a pleasant enough afternoon.

Thursday we went over to Explosion museum with my Dad and his visiting friend.  We like it there and it’s one of the nicest places to sit for a cuppa.

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We bought a parachutist and a spring loaded rocket gun and spent most of the afternoon down the park.

20160612_38 20160612_41 20160612_42Friday it was friends’ birthdays (in the plural – twins) so we joined them for a celebration at Game Over (video game cafe) in Portsmouth.  We stopped by the exhibition at the museum first but it was mostly stuff we’d seen at the cafe and some games to play.  Had trouble getting them out though.  Sam spent all his time at the cafe playing one game apparently.  I sat outside and chatted to a friend I have not seen in far too long.

20160612_43 20160612_45 20160612_46 20160612_47 Running about while we wait for the bus.
20160612_50 The other big thing of the week was Sam has finally decided that we can read Roald Dahl.  They just didn’t appeal when he was younger.  Not ones for his sensitive soul.  Good timing as we’re off to an exhibition on them at the end of the month.  We read Fantastic Mr Fox on Weds morning and Esio Trot on Fri as he didn’t feel up to Scouts.  Love reading Dahl aloud, so much fun to be had with the voices.

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