Sporty fun

Today was our last meeting at the hall for the summer.  It was the first one that the weather has written off the garden.  As it happens it proved a timely intervention as although the window is now fixed (and covered in bird stickers!) the area around it is still cordoned off in case of glass in the grass and to add to the potential danger they had found a wasps nest in the grass around the corner.

It didn’t spoil the fun though.  I really love this group, just has such a lovely chilled, relaxed atmosphere.  Even if I never get to drink a hot cup of coffee, I am always wanted for something! By the end of the session many of the people who had been in the room next door drifted in to have a look what was going on and smile at us as noise level had gone up in a kids having fun way.

I’d massively over planned and the kids were busy crafting for far longer than expected.  We made footballer finger puppets and football spinners, shuttlecocks and paper plate tennis rackets, sunglasses – which may not be sporty but I’d bought them for the group on Friday and cancelled that session so thought we may as well get some use, painted with golf balls and did colouring, kit design and puzzles.

We then made edible Olympic torches from ice cream cones, cakes, yellow icing and red and yellow sprinkles.

By the time we’d tidied up and done a bit of construction work there was only time for one of the games I’d planned.  Pool noodle javelin.

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