Stormy Weather

The last couple of days have mostly been about trying to avoid Facebook while at the same time being drawn to it, moth to flame like.

Moments like these living by the beach comes into it’s own.  Nothing like the sound of the sea to offer calm and reflection.  We hadn’t planned to go to the beach when we left the house on Thurs but the pull was strong and that is where we spent our morning, before heading home via polling station and nipping in to check on my dad.

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I can’t tell you where Thurs afternoon went.  I think I read and Sam played a computer game we’d picked up from the charity shop that morning.

Friday was always going to be a funny mood sort of day with the referendum result and severe sleep shortage.  Despite really not wanting to we had to trek to the library for the meet there.  Once again everyone else ebbed away so it was just us.  However a new lady had said she was going to come so I couldn’t not go.  Thanks to a very late bus though we were very late so hoping she didn’t show rather than showed up before we got there.

As ever once we’re actually there I am glad we went.  I just can’t decide what to do with this one long term.  It was good to be away from the house.  We did quite a lot of maths in a push to finish off the year’s work (didn’t but very close) and then spent some time drawing.  We took along the Usborne Complete Guide to Drawing and sat there until well after we should have given up the tables, happily drawing away.  We’d never do that at home. too many distractions, which makes me wobble on giving up the library tables even though they feel like a bit of a bind.  We decided that treat of lunch in the library and a big slice of chocolate cake was a good idea after 🙂

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