Sunny Days

My original plan for today had been a trip up to London to do the BM and possibly detour via Somerset House (with a change of clothes in my bag for the fountains), however I’m struggling a bit physically with aches and pains and wasn’t sure I could face the heat.  Plan 2 was to post on group and go to splash park but even that seemed a bit beyond me.  As it happened I ended up with an exhausted headachy Jack off school.  He picked up by late morning and we’ve had a lovely day.

We had a look at a non-verbal reasoning test for a bit of fun.

Our final section of the ‘How the Earth Works’ science topic is to look at the atmosphere.  Reading and discussion followed and then we did the candle in a bowl of water with a glass over to show the effect of burning the oxygen up.  We’ve done this quite a few times but never lets me down, effect is good.

20160606_135320 20160606_14002620160606_135919 We then talked about the sun and made solar oven s’mores.  This one never works well but we keep trying!  The marshmallows were squidgy apparently and we got good chocolate meltage.

20160606_125652 20160606_142604 20160606_142752Making anything by solar oven is not efficient use of time but we spent our time in the garden happily enough, setting fire to paper caps.

20160606_142107 20160606_142124Jack fixed the Xbox which has not been working properly for a long time and the boys celebrated by playing Minecraft together while I worked on a FutureLearn course.  We topped off the day by actually getting round to building the exercise bike!

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