… I often post about having to be flexible and go with the flow.  Yesterday was one of those days for definite.

Eventually managed to get Sam up at 9.30.  We did maths and English and then he spotted a Beano comic maker on the table which he’d had for ever (I was searching for something) and there went the rest of the morning.  Not on the Beano thing but on comic strip drawing.  He hasn’t done any for ages.  Love that he was explaining tricks he’d used with proper comic makers jargon.  He may not have been drawing but he’s obviously been reading/watching videos about it.  I’d intended to try and do something on Greece for history as feel we’re drifting but hey ho, not going to interrupt if he’s engaged in something.


In the afternoon we were at the hall for a home ed workshop.  Sam wasn’t taking part as it was pitched at slightly younger.  He was happy enough to come though ‘it’s good to hang out with friends and not do stuff about bugs!’


I like hanging out with the younger ones sometimes and it was a lovely workshop.
Then one of the older children decided to come and see what was going on and entered the garden via a window thinking it was an open door!  A double glazed, toughened glass window.  Real stuntman style!

He was ok amazingly, cuts obviously but nothing too deep or with glass in.  Afternoon turned in to dealing with parish secretary (who was wonderfully understanding, particularly as she’d finished work and I’d summoned her from the hair dressers), glaziers (who were rather impressed and bewildered  ‘he should have bounced off, never seen anything like it’), standing back and shaking head while a friend struggled to free another child who had managed to get an arm stuck in a chair (how?!) and taking an extra 3 children home with me (siblings of stuntman who had gone to hospital).

Boys played Minecraft and worked on comics while I played and crafted with their sister.  Friend’s husband showed up in time for a coffee while they had tea.  Sam and I restored the house from the explosion of toy weapons that always happens when said friends visit, then I sat down to pizza and an entire bottle of wine.  Was not a day to worry about the diet 😀


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