50% Success rate

I think that is a fair summary of the last few days of last week!

Weds was simply one of those days where everything breaks, has dead batteries or is missing, other people haven’t done what they are supposed to; basically if it could go wrong it did.  Looking for positives in the day; we managed the start of some crafts for work (and to make a mess, messy crafts are the best!)


20160706_143751 and the charity shop provided these gems.  It could have provided many, many more but Sam dragged me out of there before I undid all my good work on the book clear out front.


Thursday should have been a good day.  We had a home ed trip to Little Woodham.  The plan had been to go over with my Dad and then spend the afternoon just hanging out with friends and walk home over the valley.  However tree pollen must be strong, I’ve been really sneezing and spluttering for a week now.  Just as I went to make lunch the sneezes started and didn’t stop for about 1/2 hr, by which time I was physically exhausted and only had time to grab a bag of crackers and a drink for Sam before it was time to go.  It is a lovely place and my Dad really likes it, Sam and I have been enough times to be a bit meh to be honest.  The volunteers who run it are brilliant and really know their stuff.  However they do get very stressy about coming over and telling you to watch the kids, which makes me stressy and I end up insisting Sam stays with me or my Dad which makes him grumpy, and it was a relief to leave.  The horrendous, hayfever headache didn’t help.
I’ve decided that one day I am going to find the time to get more into the research and possibly try and find the time to volunteer there.  They had a waistcoat that they had spun the wool, woven the cloth, dyed with traditional dyes and sewn up.  I would so, so love to get in to that sort of thing.  Been saying it for years but I’d like a spinning wheel one day!
Perhaps next time I’ll just do one of the open days with my Dad and leave Sam at home.

20160707_104745 - Copy 20160707_104756 - Copy 20160707_104950 - Copy 20160707_105227 - Copy 20160707_110548 - Copy 20160707_111603 20160707_112924 20160707_113110 20160707_114439 20160707_114901 20160707_120044 20160707_120436 20160707_121352Coming home for the afternoon meant I could get on with housework and finish off the crafts for work which cheered me up as had been getting more and more behind on both and I was suffering from that overwhelmed too much to do that you can’t face starting thing.

Friday was my Dad’s birthday so we baked a cake and he came round for the morning for chat and board games.
In the afternoon we finished off our work on the weather to draw a line under this year’s science.  Didn’t go too well – 50% success rate and a lot of water spillage on the experiment front.

We had success with seeing the condensing of air pressure when a plastic bottle half filled with hot water was rapidly cooled.
20160711_14And with demonstrating sky colours by shining a torch into a glass of watered down milk.20160711_18 Less success with the tornado in a bottle thing (water was green – no idea why it looks like sludge). 20160711_24 Making raindrops didn’t work with the water gun but did with the spray bottle.20160711_27 20160711_30 I’ll skip over the hour wasted failing to make a cloud in a bottle and the water fountain (dyed water too) that was the result of not having a watertight seal on my attempt to show convection.

Evening was Scouts and he made it to be invested 🙂

20160711_34 Weekend picked up and was far more positive than negative.  We managed to get out and catch up with friends and I found time to watch the tennis.  House is tidyish, Olympic offering pretty much finished off for work, bit of pre-holiday admin done, Futurelearn courses nearly up to date.  4.30 am starts though to fit it all in!


It’s a smiley face drawn with a water gun.

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