Busy Doing Nothing

That summed up Thurs and Friday really.  I struggle to think what we did do.

The most notable thing was I had a bit of a parenting fail when I sent Sam to Scouts at the normal time only for it to have started 1/2 hr early.  Finished an hour early too so also failed to pick him up!  Luckily he had the common sense to send me a text and walked home himself.  The annoying thing about it was we’d prioritised not being too tired for Scouts (he’s really been struggling to settle with the change and timing) and not gone to the home ed group picnic, so there was no chance of him missing being invested.  Turns out he missed it because I am an idiot!  He was fine about it, will just do it next week.

The second thing of note was finishing Sam’s maths and English curricula for the year.  We’ve some review stuff left for maths but I think we’ll just dip in and out of that over next two weeks as mood strikes rather than work through systematically.

The days passed in Minecraft, working on Python, lots of reading aloud, long discussions on politics and economics.  Sam has been hoarding left over Euros from Pete’s trips away for years and we came to an exchange deal where I gave him some sterling for his stash as Jack is off to Holland with the school tomorrow and needs spending money.

I also took the opportunity to have a book shelf clear out.  Only got as far as making a pile but it is a start.  It is on the todo list to list them here tomorrow.


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