Chess and Clearing Out

It seems to be 10am before Sam is ready to function so days are all messed up as I am struggling to stay in bed beyond 4.30am. This means my best time of the day has been and gone before he gets up.  It is the hayfever which has messed us both up but we have the opposite reactions.  Sam really, really struggles to go to sleep while I wake up very early, completely muzzy headed, feeling sick and with no hope of going back to sleep.  Only been so bad since the weekend though so much better than previous few years!

Home ed in terms of me steering anything has ground to a halt.  Knew  it would though so all the stuff we follow a curriculum for is already done and dusted and we’re happily bouncing along taking what the days bring.

On Monday this was sorting out and selling on a load of books and resources.  Lots and lots of them!  Lots were put back too, have so many good books.  I have got much better at buying wisely over the years.  Sold a considerable proportion.

Interestingly can see a shift in what people want.  When I was starting out it was far more usual for those of us using structure to go for US homeschooling resources than the NC schools stuff and there was a decent market in second hand stuff, but there has been a definite change.  Means of course I have a load of US stuff on my hands and I want to shout at people – look this is really, really good stuff far better than the stuff you are buying.   The extra filler bits I’ve bought cheap sell on easily.  It is the main curriculum stuff I have.  Seems an awful shame not to see it used again, might have to brave ebay but not sure there is the call for it anywhere.

Anyway!  With a small gap appearing on the shelves Sam could see what was on there better and found his Chess for Kids book.  He spent the morning reading and the afternoon beating me (I’d like to say I let him win but I am just really, annoyingly bad at chess).  It is good for his self esteem apparently.

20160704_134239While I got back on with the book sort out, Sam moved on to reading about Minecraft (researching setting up a server) and then playing.

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