We were supposed to be working on our Summerologist patch from at the beach.  Big plans for BBQ and and lots of activities went out the window.  I used the excuse of the unpredictable weather but really I have just been busy and kind of forgot until the weekend and didn’t have much time this week.

Was a wise move in the end as all the sports stuff and even the catapult/water bomb launchers stayed in the bag as they simply played.

Sam did try and get away with claiming this was a sand sculpture of a ruined castle on a hill! Think we may have to work on this some more 🙂

20160713_8 We did make rafts though.  A child size one and ones for toy pirates.


20160713_33 20160713_36
20160713_2120160713_520160713_40 20160713_45 20160713_47 20160713_48 20160713_49

Fabulous end to the ‘school’ year.

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