Thinking Time

We’ve slowed down a lot this week and it seems both of our brains have shifted into holiday and planning mode.  Mine is mostly focused on short term goals, particularly getting us ready for and fitting in everything I want to cover work and home wise before then.

Sam is obviously thinking longer term.  He’s been asking questions about different levels of qualifications and what he might need for the future.  Whether he might want to go to school (not likely) and how we can get him the qualifications he might need.  Talking about whether he’d prefer to specialise in hardware or software development. How he can build and customise his own computer, what graphics cards etc.  I am already rather out of my depth – my job is to research, facilitate and finance stuff.

Shorter term he’s been looking at coding books and online courses and trying to decide the best way forward with Python.  We’ve agreed the time is right for a Raspberry Pi so we’ll get one when we’re back from Wales.  He has a list of programming languages he wants to learn and an order he wants to do it in.  Minecraft mods and how to write them are also of great interest and helping to drive the interest in learning Python.  Servers are his starting point and another post holiday plan is for two servers, one for him to use in coding and testing mods and one to play on with friends.  He’s decided that the long term aim is an online server but has really, really impressed me with the amount of thought he has given to the potential difficulties of how to moderate it, both in terms of having practical (techy) solutions to some issues and recognising that he needs to be sure he can deal with the social/emotion side first.

There has also been a bit of discussion about the practicalities of what activities Sam wants to fit into our weeks, prompted by yet another Code Club cancellation and our Dockyard pass expiring.  Think we may have a plan but waiting to see if he changes his mind.

Which brings me to what we got up to on Tuesday.  Neither of us were too sorry to see Code Club cancelled really as it meant a more leisurely start to the day.  Sam wanted to go to the Dockyard even though we knew it would be busy with the strike so we ran some errands in Gosport and headed over.

We spent lots of time in Action Stations.  Typically on our last visit before the pass ran out Sam plucked up the courage for the rotating climbing wall (he doesn’t do heights at all!) and decided to chance the kick boxing again (he’s refused to do it for about 18 months for some unknown reason) and loved them both.

20160705_125714 20160705_131210 20160705_133143 20160705_133936 20160705_135454 20160705_135640 Pit stop for cream tea (I hadn’t realised I got two scones!)
20160705_142330 Chocolate cake for Sam.

20160705_142407We finished off with a trip to the Trafalgar Gallery.  I can still tie a good knot 🙂
20160705_145425 20160705_145551 20160705_150020 20160705_150448 20160705_150615 20160705_150859 20160705_150944 20160705_151440




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