An Interlude

As this blog shows I get to do a lot with Sam.  Not so much with Jack whose life is far too busy to accommodate much time with me.  The slightly ironic thing is our interests overlap much more.  Theatre and musicals in particular being one.

We simply had to go and see the new musical for Disney’s Aladdin, to this day we are all word-perfect on the songs (and much of the dialogue) it has been watched so often.  Sam wasn’t bothered either way so decided to leave him home with Pete.

Lovely couple of days shopping and exploring the West End (including a little detour down Charing Cross Road to restock book shelves).  Although it was far too HOT!!!!

Oh should have said Aladdin was amazing!  Really, really fabulous.  So colourful and the staging was brilliant!

20160811_180923 20160811_181858

20160811_181939 20160812_111139 20160812_123656

The photos below are from M&Ms World.  A shop dedicated to M&M merchandise, we simply couldn’t resist. 20160812_120240 20160812_12110520160812_121538



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