Big Butterfly Count

Organising a home ed trip even a casual meet up the day after you get back from holiday sounds a bit of a stupid idea but I knew Sam and I would benefit from a few hours out and without the prod to go we wouldn’t.
I was right it did us good.

We headed to the Alver Valley for a walk, picnic and to count butterflies.  We were joined by 5 other families none whom we know well, 2 we’d never met at all.  We met up at the car park so walked part of the park that I don’t know, down by one of the lakes and into the meadows.  Need to do it slower with wildflower guide.

In the end it was the adults who did the butterfly count while children ran about and foraged.  Ripe blackberries in the first week of August!!!
Lovely day with lovely company, nice way to get back to normal life.

Butterflies were too quick to get a photo of.  Very hard to identify too.  Was a ‘there goes a brown one’ sort of identifying.

20160803_182 20160803_184 20160803_185

On the way home we stopped to pick up some fruit from the shop as Sam had been inspired by the mixing of blackberries and water in various pots to want to do smoothies.

20160803_186 20160803_187

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