Bit of Self-Indulgence

A long time a go I wrote a post about how hard it is to maintain your sense of self when home educating and in many cases juggling work and other responsibilities. It was something that clearly resonated with others.  Several years down the line all I can say is it gets easier, much easier, to find time as the children get older.

The trick is to keep yourself safe during those hard years.  Let your children see you as a person with wants and needs of your own.  Don’t be afraid to say no occasionally to them in order to do something you want.  Learning to compromise and balance needs of others is a valuable skill.  Keep up with hobbies even if it is very ad hoc.  When life is busiest I am known to write 1/2 hour sewing or read a chapter on my to do list.  Keeping myself sane is just as important as doing the laundry.  Talk about things other than children!  Hard sometimes as it can seem they are the world and in home ed spheres they are the link that binds, but talk politics, food, fabric, pets, what you did at university, any complete rubbish that fills your head don’t be just so and so’s mum.  One day you will find yourself with space to be you so don’t forget who ‘you’ are.

Anyway where this was coming from was the trip to Wales saw me with more time than ever on my hands, it wasn’t a case of grabbing half hour here and there but having hours where I could fill my time as I chose.  I’d left tablet behind so no work or home ed admin or even Futurelearn courses (spent a lot of time on these this year) could intrude.

I read a book on 70’s politics, one on a family of Maharanis, Wolf Hall as have been meaning to read that for a long time and a rubbish book on someone’s travels tracking down Doctor Who filming locations.

I finished the last in the series of season trees I have been cross stitching.  To get this done in a fortnight says exactly how much time I had 😉

20160803_188 While sewing I worked through documentaries on Coast, human evolution and the behind the scenes one at the Commons.  Sam joined me for most of Coast.

There was time for jigsaws (of maps, love maps).  Didn’t get a photo of the football club one we did, this is Cardiff.

20160803_132There was walking, book shopping, family games and pottering about in the kitchen playing with making mug cakes.

There was list writing – always planning :).  Plus some time for drawing (Sam looks evil), not well but I do enjoy it, could be better with practice and more patience but not something I find the time for that often.

20160803_192 20160803_195

And the reason for the self indulgent post really is that I spent a lot of time playing with a new camera so wanted to dump the photos somewhere 🙂

Playing with settings

Random photos

20160803_67 20160803_87 20160803_89 20160803_92 20160803_93 20160803_95 20160803_105 20160803_107

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