Doctor Who Experience

We stopped off in Cardiff for a few nights on the way home to break the journey.  I won’t bore you with the tale of someone convincing herself there was a bank holiday that made several complicated arrangements to avoid travelling on the bank holiday seem necessary but end up, well, not but hey ho.

While there the boys and I took a trip down to Doctor Who Experience.  We last went 9 years ago and lets just say it is very different and we had a much better day 😉

I rolled my eyes at the idea of an ‘experience’ but actually it was really quite good.  We’ve decided Jack needs to go to Uni in Cardiff so he can get a part-time job as a guide there, he’d be in his element.  The guide took you through an adventure which involved a scripted ‘interactive’ conversation with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor (nicely done to allow for male or female guides it must be said).  Children got to steer the tardis and we had to search for crystals on an alien planet, in a room of defunct Daleks which started waking up and in a graveyard with Weeping Angels.  The guide was an appalling actor but that added to the amusement.  A bit of good fun.

After the experience there was the props gallery which was about 3 times the size of the whole thing last time.  Jack had to photograph everything and Sam, who I don’t think has ever lasted through an episode, decided to read every piece of information on display and become the house Doctor Who expert!

Probably time to leave now if you aren’t a Doctor Who fan as lots of photos coming up for my geeky friends.

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