False Start

I don’t normally suggest we do any ‘project stuff’ over the summer, it is Sam’s time to chill and lead the way (aka hide out in his room watching youtube!)  However there was an exhibition on at a local gallery finishing last weekend that seemed a perfect stepping stone into the art work planned for this term.

We are planning to dip our toes very gently into working for an outside qualification and start on the Art Awards.  As Sam isn’t 11 until Nov so we thought we’d test the waters with the Explorer with me playing a big part in helping him plan and structure it (he has his own plans for the Bronze).  I had the idea of theming the work around nature.  So this exhibition was right up our street.  It was about making paper and I had envisaged us having a go at a bit of paper making after.

20160815_199 I had given us over an hour to explore the gallery as we’d never been (felt guilty as on doorstep nearly).  Well we won’t be going again!  14 mins we took and most of that was spent sitting in a chair grumbling.  There was nothing to see!  One big display and one short info board which you couldn’t really see as they had it in an activity area and there was a class on.  Then 3 (interesting enough) collages stuffed in the corner of a cafe with arm chairs in front.

I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed in a gallery.  The art work was interesting, needed more of it, more explanation and proper display space.

We spent more time sitting outside in the sun or in Sam’s case sliding up and down a torpedo.

We’ll forget that as our start point, can’t say it inspired either of us.

20160811_4Day wasn’t a complete loss.  We spent some time in the Game Over exhibition at the City Museum before a picnic and a play in the museum garden with friends and other random children hence no photos.


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