Hodge Podge days

The last few days have passed in a bit of a blur, routines are out the window as we adjust to summer and the presence of teenagers in the house. Both Pete and I have a change in working arrangements so everything is feeling rather mixed up.  Plus I’m going away again this week for a couple of days with Jack.   They’ve been happy enough just hard to think what we’d done.

Thursday was a bit of housework and a Doctor Who watching session.  Everyone is reading (or has read) the new Harry Potter.  The excitement of having tablets and laptop has yet to wear off and there has been a lot of time on them.

Friday was a day out.  We went to Victoria Park for a play with friends and see the animals.

20160806_2 20160806_3 20160806_6 I looked after Sam’s friend for a while so his Dad could go to an appointment and we ended up in Games Workshop where Sam was given a lesson in Warhammer.  I may live to regret that.  We went back after dropping off Sam’s friend so Sam could have a painting lesson.  Luckily we got kicked out so the ‘helpful’ man could have lunch.

Heading towards home we decided to stop at the dockyard for a free event they had on.  Were glad we did.  Sam loved the task of putting money in the boat, as much as you could with the boat still floating and being allowed to keep the money if it didn’t sink.  He was good at it and netted a surprising amount.

20160806_11 20160806_13 20160806_17 20160806_18 20160806_20 20160806_22 20160806_25 20160806_26 20160806_27 20160806_31

On Saturday I left the kids at home and went to Little Woodham with my Dad to see the kiln lit.  When I got home at mid day I ended up waking Sam!  Pete and Jack had assumed that when he hadn’t appeared he must have come out with me.

20160806_33 20160806_36 20160806_38 20160806_40 20160806_42 20160806_48 20160806_50 20160806_51 20160806_55 Rest of Saturday was spent ironing to catch up from holiday.
Sunday was a pottering sort of day.  I did some photo editing for Pete so he could order a friend’s present, dyed Jack’s hair and me and the bathroom, tried my best to clean and did some organising and planning, fillng in our diary and printing and starting to organise Sam’s maths for Sept onward.  Bit of family sportwatching going on too.

Monday has been a housework, accompanying my Dad on an errand, learning some coding from FutureLearn, Pinterest and resource searching for projects sort of day.  Feeling rather sluggish and bleugh, have big plans for the week ahead though.


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