Playing at being tourists

One obvious disadvantage of having my dad living local (outweighed by the positives of course) is that I don’t have a base ‘up North’ to visit the friends and family still up there.  I was going to try and head up this summer for a long weekend but before I managed to do anything about it my oldest friend decided to come down.

We’ve been friends since before playschool, our mums were best friends, we did school and collage together, family holidays, to the kids we’re aunty – so it was lovely to catch up.  Sam found a protege in her 8yo son and I got to know her lovely 4 yo daughter who I’ve barely seen thanks to the distance.

It also prompted us to think of the local area interms of what you’d do if you were on holiday.

Not surprisingly that was playing in the sea.  They couldn’t wait and were in fully clothed on Thursday.  Still managed to hang around to have chips watching the sun set.

20160825_5 20160825_10 20160825_18 20160825_22 20160825_25Friday we headed over to Southsea for a more touristy fix.  Castle, splash park, beach and model village.

20160827_1 20160827_2 20160827_6 20160827_7 20160827_12 20160827_14 20160827_22 20160827_25 20160827_31 20160827_33 20160827_36 20160827_42 20160827_49 20160827_51 20160827_53Saturday was spent chilling out at home mainly.  Sam was teaching my friend’s son Scratch.  We managed to drag them away to the park on the sea front and a ‘Penguin’ (they sell whipped strawberry) ice cream before they headed back north.  Lovely few days.

20160827_141630 20160827_145526

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