Solva 2016

Summer holiday means a trip to the Welsh coast here.  We’re so lucky that family own a cottage in Pembrokeshire that we head to every year. Holidays there are quiet, it is incredibly peaceful and there is little in the way of organised tourism.  It’s watersports and walking territory and I couldn’t persuade the rest of the family into much of either.  To be fair the walks are not gentle strolls!

20160803_2 20160803_7

Yarnbombing on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

There was lots of playing and digging on the beach.


20160803_54 20160803_111 20160803_12420160803_122 20160803_78Sea swimming

20160803_65 20160803_73

Climbing and exploring

20160803_41 20160803_80

We were there for one of the hottest days of the year which we spent hiding in the lime kilns reading 🙂


There was body boarding – in the rain!  Weather and tides didn’t work together but if you are getting soaked in the sea the rain doesn’t matter anyway.  Made it quiet 🙂

20160803_138 20160803_152 20160803_147 20160803_14620160729_111233

We spent lots of time chilling out at the cottage; reading, rewatching old comedies and documentaries, playing games (World of Tanks was the big hit – kindly left in the cupboard by Uncle Dave as a present – no idea of the real rules they were made up as the game went on), building new Lego kits and playing and experimenting with mug cakes.

20160803_155 20160803_4520160803_109
20160803_47There was also lots of park and football (sorry forgot to reset the vivid colours after playing with the camera).

20160803_96 20160803_84

We made time for a sundae and a couple of trips to St David’s for the ice cream parlour there (which is lush!).

20160803_13020160803_159 We did manage a bit of culture with the usual trip to St David’s Cathedral.  This year I did manage to persuade them in to one of the many art galleries where they left daft comments in the visitors book – Sam asked where the corners were?!  The gallery did have a lovely exhibition (not in a round room) featuring Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows.

20160803_158 20160803_108

On the first day of the holiday Sam asked how soon it was before we need to do ‘work’ again.   By less than half way through he was sitting up late and talking about all the things he wants to learn about and do and most importantly how 🙂  Taken a long time but am seeing a definite shift in balance between us with him being ready to direct his own education much more.  The general gist of the plans is more time at home (lots of plans of stuff to do) and making much more of the beach and Sam’s newly developing physical confidence and willingness to try things.


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