Wonderful Winchester

The first 4 or 5 times we went to Winchester I absolutely hated the place.  Poured down on us every single time.  Since then Sam and I took a spur of the moment trip on a sunny day and absolutely loved it, must go back we said.  Taken us about 2 years to slot it in.  I think the answer is Winchester is a place to embrace in lovely weather when we can set our own agenda rather than home ed trips when we are tied and it always rains.  That said it did cross my mind yesterday that a few particular friends would have really enjoyed it too so not saying no company, just no organisation/booked events.

What shook us out of our cocoon was Jack having friends round.  It felt too hot to hide in my room out of the way.  By complete coincidence I’d ticked interest in an event on Facebook (never do that) so I took it as a sign we should go.

It was a Tudor Wedding themed event at the City Mill.  To be honest it wasn’t worth the trip.  It was two ladies in costume acting as servant and mistress explaining wedding customs in the time of Mary I.  Audience was mixed and content wasn’t really engaging for children or that detailed and interesting for adults (not when you have read so many books on the Tudors).  Sam did have to put on a silly hat and learn to bow being the only boy :).  Overall it was a lovely setting and a nice thing to do.  We love the City Mill but it needs something like that to make it worth the visit.

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20160823_23 20160823_26After the Mill and a bit of lunch we went for a walk along the river.

20160823_27 20160823_30 20160823_31 20160823_48To Wolvesey Castle, where Mary Tudor first met Philip of Spain before the wedding.  I had forgotten the history connected to The Anarchy.  I love how knowledgeable Sam is on history.  Not a period we’ve ever covered but he knew all the basics far more than I suspect most adults.  Another yay for Horrible Histories :D.

History aside, this is our sort of place; quiet, peaceful and a fabulous place for climbing and hide and seek.

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We were now melting but Sam wanted to go to the park, so back we went along the river.
At the park we had ice cream and Sam had his first proper look at Pokemon Go and is now a convert.

20160823_52Then to the playground.  Sam must have spent at least 1/2 hr pushing toddlers and small children around on the roundabout.  Makes me laugh the way he gets a trail of little ones attached to him.  The park had a really great set of full seat swings, looked like they would be suitable for physical disabilities, lovely to see and hopefully will see more.

20160823_72 A slow walk back to the station via a book shop or two followed.  Lovely day.

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