Another School Year Starts

Yesterday was Jack’s first day back (a half one as it happens), Year 10!!!!!!!

I thought it was be good for me and Sam to get out and shake off the summer doldrums so I’d arranged a HE picnic.  Weather was decidedly iffy though so the morning started with lots of Fb conversations about what people wanted to do.  Turns out enough of us were happy to brave the elements and it turned out to be a good call.  The sun came out and the weather was hot.  The people along were people I like a lot but don’t see much of for various reasons so it was a very pleasant day.

Venue chosen was Titchfield Abbey which is a lovely place for the children to just run off and play.  I only managed a couple of distance photos.  Sam happily entertained a friend’s 4 and 6 year olds allowing parents just to sit back.  He also met someone new and in his words ‘managed a proper conversation’ 🙂

20160906_1 20160906_2 20160906_6On the way home we nipped into the garden centre (one prob of the abbey is lack of toilets) and managed to pick up a couple of books – one I was looking for too on the history of India.

At home Sam had a look at the Kanban charts I mentioned in my last post and set to work creating one for himself.

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