Art in the Park

Yesterday we took a trip with friends to visit the Art in the Park exhibition at Harold Hillier Gardens.  I really love it there and so does Sam.  If I could drive I’d definitely get a pass as they seem to have some fabulous weekend activities.  Can get there by public transport but is a trek.

We were both expecting a quickish morning trip but ended up there for most of the day, rushing back as otherwise I’d have come home to a locked out cross teenager.  There is so much to see and explore even without the art trail.

It has to be said some of the sculptures were really not to my taste but there were some really lovely and interesting ones too. These are my favourites.

20160912_18 20160912_55 20160912_75 20160912_92 20160912_116 20160912_122 20160912_144 20160912_149 20160912_154

There are more sculpture photos on the Facebook page. Sam did look at the sculptures but much more time was spent playing.  Although the gravity defying anvil intrigued him and he loved the man coming out of the ground.

20160912_9 20160912_15 20160912_39 20160912_46 20160912_84 20160912_103 20160912_128 20160912_140

It’s also a fabulous place for watching wildlife.  The borders were teeming with bees and you could see tongues coming out! There’s something about robins, have to love a robin! 20160912_34 20160912_74


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