Autumn Walk

It actually felt autumny on Monday! We kept up our success rate of getting out for a walk on a Monday, although it was shorter than intended as left a sick Jack in bed so we caught a bus to the park where we were meeting friends. We had sun, we had rain, we had both at the same time – was lovely.

20160926_111451 20160927_14
20160927_7Motivation was leaf collecting for a group craft project – got quite a haul!


After finishing off maths and Spanish (had slotted in English and Latin before going out) we carried on watching Michael Wood’s Story of India, read some of his History of India book and did some work on his Ancient India lapbook.  Then he went on Civilization 5 to ‘be’ Ancient India and adopt a Buddist/Hindu (we’d been comparing religions) policy of non violence.

It crashed though and the day unravelled a bit. Recovered in the evening when he picked up a book on ancient weapons and forgot to be upset! Then the never ending questions started – not just weapons they go in seemingly random directions. He really is on fire with questions lately – the home educator in me smiles proudly, the parent in me screams ‘argh, slow down my brain hurts!’ and wishes once again that children came with off switches.

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