Harvest Group

It seems ages since we’ve had a proper group meeting at the hall and yesterday’s was lovely. We’ve had a huge influx of newcomers, not all new to the local home ed scene but new to coming to this particular group.  We ended up with around 16 families and a true mix of tots to teens.  Sam at 10 was far from being the oldest probably only just made it into top half, that was nice as many more social activities do get dominated by the younger ones. Sun was out and the garden was usable for run round, play and tree climbing too 🙂

Activities on offer were straw weaving, apple printing, salt dough leaves, lanterns with jars and leaves and vegetable sculpting.

Sam decided to ignore all the activities and spend all his time at the colouring table with a few of his best friends drawing comic strips.  I am always keen to stress to people that the activities aren’t compulsory and as long as the kids are happy and engaged it’s fine it’s a social session, so couldn’t really complain 🙂

I did persuade him to come and do some of the vegetable sculpting at least.  He made a slug! Here it is with a mouse and hedgehog that were left behind.

20160928_5Luckily other children were more enthusiastic so my efforts (and vegetable chopping) did not go to waste.  Various pets I am sure also appreciated the leftovers and I learnt that chickens like broccoli 🙂


Here’s my trial straw weaving.

20160927_27Before we went we’d managed Maths, English, Spanish and Latin. Plus some geography; workbook page on locations in Asia, some mapwork on India and Sam created a profile of India on his blog.

20160928_1We both spent a bit of time practising drawing too.  Loving this book!
Appear to have lost it all though as he’s preferring loose sheets to sketch books.

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