Home Schooling?

I hate how this term has come in to common use (even Sam uses it for heavens sake) real nails on a blackboard thing.  It just creates an image in my head of families sitting around a table with piles of national curriculum workbooks and a big planner on the wall.  I don’t know what the correct term should be but what we do doesn’t feel like school and we seem to seldom be at home.

With no trampolining this week (it’s fortnightly) I was thinking we’d try and stay in the routine of doing something active by going swimming.  As it was hot seemed daft to pay to use the pool and we went to Hillhead instead to swim in the sea.  I went in too so only one photo 😉


While we were there Sam found some burnt driftwood and had a go at drawing.

20160916_30We’d stopped at Titchfield Haven on the way there to work on our art project – wildlife photography.


At home we covered maths, English, played a lot of story cubes, dismantled more of the computer, read some of our Children’s History of India and did a lot of drawing.

He’s been practising perspective and shadows and is getting on well and really enjoying it.  Took me a while to see that the dark triangle was the pyramid’s shadow.

20160916_32 20160916_34

Sounds a blissful day and if you ignore the pre going out tantrums, homework/state of bedroom arguments with teenager and the fact that I have either cut my foot or have something stuck in there and it really hurts and walking is a problem (wasn’t even on the beach, did it walking along prom with shoes on) I don’t suppose it was that bad 🙂

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  1. Totally with you on the ‘home-schooling’ usage. I’m still very much ‘home education’ here, although recently it would be more accurate to call it ‘hardly-at-home education’ 🙂

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